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06/07/2004 Archived Entry: "The fall of the NeoCons and revelations to come"

"THE DOG DAYS OF THE WAR PARTY." I can't say how accurate this analysis of the decline and fall of the NeoCons may be. Spies, lies, drunks, dupes, and backstabbing on top of the criminally insane American empire-building we've seen in action for the last year. So says Pat Buchanan. The NeoCons are falling and that a modern Night of the Long Knives is underway as the military and CIA finally begin tearing down the men who lied and manipulated us into Iraq. Neither Buchanan nor WorldNetDaily (these days) would be my idea of an impeccable source. But given supporting evidence such as the newly uncovered Bush adinistration report claiming the U.S. is exempt from laws against torture ... it looks as if America might finally be about to lance the boil of "empire conservativism." The pus that oozes forth may be disgusting, but the action is healing.

But whoever thought that famous "American system of checks and balances" our Civics teachers told us about would come down to the unelected military and a unelected and hyper-secretive bunch of spies (belatedly) keeping a bunch of unelected bureaucrats, think-tankers, and presidential advisers in check?

Posted by Claire @ 02:13 PM CST

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