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06/07/2004 Archived Entry: "TIA never died -- and YOU are now being profiled"

YOU THOUGHT CONGRESS KILLED TIA? Congress thought so, too. But the Pentagon's Total Information Awareness program is alive and

... virtually every financial transaction of every American is now recorded and monitored by the federal government. Any bank transaction, all credit card charges plus phone records, credit reports, travel and even health records are captured in real time by the DARPA computers.

Right now. As we speak. Deposit your paycheck and the Pentagon knows. Buy a CD player, a boat, or new suit and the Pentagon knows (and presumably has no scruples about passing the information on to anyone else). Not only that, but the system automatically builds a profile based on your activity, and if you deviate from your norms -- or buy anything "suspicious" -- you're automatically flagged.

Not surprising. We all knew TIA wouldn't really go away. But it's disgusting enough to make you vomit. Total, minute-by-minute datasharing with the U.S. military, all on the direct orders of the Bush administration. All while Congress stood there and, pardon my French, jacked itself off.

And what did the banks and credit card companies and for that matter the medical clinics have to say when ordered to turn over their records to the military?

It's hard to believe things have really gotten this bad this fast in this country. Hard to believe. I'm waiting for someone to tell me that this report came from The Onion and not from Capitol Hill Blue.

Posted by Claire @ 02:49 PM CST

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