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04/16/2003 Archived Entry: "Homeland Security Dept. and DoubleClick: Whotta Team!"

ROFLMAO. The Department of Homeland Security just chose Nuala O'Connor Kelly as its chief privacy officer. Ms. Kelly used to occupy the same position for that revered guardian of privacy ... DoubleClick, the Cookie King and Champeeen Visitor Tracker of the Entire Known Universe!

You gotta love Big Brother's droll sense of humor.

(4/17: This morning the media are saying O'Connor Kelly has a reputation as "a consensus builder with the privacy community." Well, maybe that's a good thing. But "consensus" is waaaay too much like "bipartisan" when you're talking about expansions of government power. "Consensus" has become a notorious tool for marginalizing dissenters -- even when the dissenters are dead right. Some of the more mainstream members of the so-called privacy community are already all too willing to "cooperate" away the basic principles of privacy for the sake of getting along, so I wouldn't be too sanguine about this nice, fuzzy "consensus" thing.)

Posted by Claire @ 06:11 PM CST

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