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04/02/2007 Archived Entry: "WASR-2 Deal"


Blogispondent Ian here. Worried about rising ammo prices and new gun legislation? Well, there's one particularly good deal out there at the moment that you can take advantage of. AIM Surplus has Romanian WASR-2 rifles for $290. These are copies of the Russian AK-74 rifle, which replaced the AK-47 as the primary infantry rifle in the Soviet Union. They use the same AK design, but chambered for the 5.45x39 cartridge, which was designed to perform much like the US 5.56mm cartridge. AIM also has surplus 5.45mm ammo available, in 1,080 round sealed cans. Several other supplier have the ammunition as well, for similar prices. Finally, you can get extra 30-round magazines (the rifle comes with two) from Centerfire Systems.

So, for $620 plus shipping, you can get yourself a totally reliable military semiauto rifle, six magazines, and 2100 rounds of ammo. Hard to beat that. It won't be around forever though, especially the ammo. So don't wait too long if you're interested.

Posted by Ian @ 09:01 AM CST

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