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03/30/2007 Archived Entry: "5 days in England"

Silver here. I was in England recently. Reading the paper every morning was educational:

On Monday the government proposed a jet tax; each year a family would be allowed a single jet trip, one that wasn't "too long." All others, especially those evil businessmen who fly around the world (I resemble that remark) would be heavily taxed, global warming and carbon. For the children.

On Tuesday the government announced that police would begin taking fingerprints and DNA samples when stopping citizens for minor infractions including speeding, jaywalking, littering, driving without a seat belt, and not picking up your dog's poop.

On Wednesday the government revealed that it's "voluntary" national biometric ID program meant that those who did not participate would not be able to get a passport and would become prisoners in their own country.

On Thursday the EU revealed plans to create a massive database of biometric and other information on every citizen in the EU.

On Friday the government proposed building jails inside the British equivalent of Walmart; just "temporary holding cells" since the real jails were getting all filled with seat belt scofflaws and such. No more than 4 hours in a see-through plastic pen; the government promised.

On Saturday I flew home. I wish I could say things were better here, but we all know that isn't true. Wherever I go, the tobagan ride to tryanny is accelerating to breathtaking speeds. No one knows how it will end, but it isn't hard to imagine it ending badly.

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