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07/21/2003 Archived Entry: "Snoop cams on airplanes"

SNOOP VID-CAMS ON AIRPLANES. "Simon Montfort" :-) sent this item about spy cams on airplanes. Simon's comment: "Looks like 'Little Brother' is growing up."

Indeed he is -- though when you read the article you see that Big Brother is still guiding Little Brother corporate America along the totalitarian way.

Since these cams will ultimately be capable of monitoring your conversation or recording the titles of books and magazines you read (according to info in the article), you really have to wonder how long it'll be before these folks who say "I'll submit to anything, as long as it's for security!" ("Proctology exam before entering the courtroom? Sure!" "Financial profiling before being allowed to check out library books? Okeydokey!") will start feeling restive and resentful under the Big Eye.

Posted by Claire @ 05:03 PM CST

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