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10/30/2003 Archived Entry: "Let's have some good news on speed cameras and speed traps"

OH HELL, LET'S HAVE SOME GOOD NEWS FOR A CHANGE. It's been such a depressing news month, I haven't even been able to bring myself to blog some of the worst stuff (like the story half a dozen helpful folks have sent about the Pentagon ordering suppliers to put RFID chips into all shipments).

So let's celebrate what little rowdy freedom is still left in the world. Starting with one small thing anybody can do: Evade the stupid speed cameras and speed traps. For you British cousins, here's a succinct little page on how to identify and protect yourself against various sorts of speed cameras now infesting your personal police state.

And for everybody, here's Super Protector and Photo Fog camera defense systems. (The above items courtesy of a post by Steve Schear to the PoliTech list.)

Help yourself and freedom-loving strangers by reporting speed traps or looking up traps others have reported. Join the National Motorists Association and fight the money-raising, unsafe scam of red-light cameras.

And remember that speed cameras that penalize perfectly safe (but fast) driving, and red-light cameras that raise money for their public-private owners (oftenby making yellow lights shorter, thereby increasing the chance of an accident) are superb recruiting tools for the freedom movement. The more that government becomes a faceless petty tyrant, tricking people into surrendering their freedom and their money, the more people quit seeing government as their friend.

Posted by Claire @ 02:10 PM CST

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