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10/21/2005 Archived Entry: "Gun liability bill passes -- complete with Trojan horses"

ON THE PASSAGE OF THE FIREARM LIABILITY BILL, the news release from Gun Owners of America says it all.

With R majorities in both houses, this could have been a "clean" bill. That the R's instead chose to pass a version with two huge Trojan horses in it is ... well, no damn big news to anyone who's been watching the R's for the last many decades.

(FWIW, although I agree that the U.S. firearms industry needs defense against sue-happy Brady Bunchers, I'm not in favor of special laws to protect any industry. Still, given our current wreck of a legal system, a "clean" bill to protect gun makers would have brought some needed, even if wrongheaded and temporary, relief. Now, the industry gets the "special privilege" of relief, while gunowners and buyers have to hold their breath, waiting to see what danger pours out of those two Trojan horses.)

Posted by Claire @ 10:00 AM CST

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