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10/21/2005 Archived Entry: "Canada to prosecute Bush for committing torture"

THIS HAS GOT TO BE THE VERY DEFINITION OF "LONG SHOT." But according to a Counterpunch article, international law requires that state leaders who authorize torture be brought to justice outside their own country (presumably because a the justice system in a country that's fallen that low would be either corrupted or cowed by debased leadership). So some Canadians are trying to bring GWB to justice in their country.

The debates about the uses of international law against a U.S. citizen or whether or not GWB directly authorized torture could go on a long, long time. Still, whether Bush officially authorized torture or merely signaled that it was a darned good idea, justice of some sort is surely overdue. After all, GWB's body count far exceeds that of Manson, Bundy, Dahmer, and BTK combined.

(News item found via the always-outstanding Rational Review News.)

Posted by Claire @ 09:44 AM CST

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