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10/21/2005 Archived Entry: ""Government Raids Outlaws""

"GOVERNMENT RAIDS OUTLAWS." Outlaws Legal Service, that is.

Officers and federal agents stood in front of stacks of seized law books and magazines at a hastily scheduled press conference. A leather bound, Black’s Law Dictionary and a 1400 page, copy of War and Peace were the centerpiece of their exhibit. Piled among the books on display were thousands of law books, federal and state government manuals and books on United States history. Several books were found that listed all area business and private individual's names, addresses, and telephone numbers printed in columns on separate white and yellow pages. Chief Catchum said that he had never seen anything like it and the potential use for them was mind boggling. There was even a separate section covering just government offices.

"These Law and government books are instruments of war, plain and simple," said Special Agent Gregory Dupe. The law books were only used to fight government as we know it, "They have no recreational purpose. They have no legitimate civilian use."

(From F42, who's hunkered in a bunker awaiting Wilma's wallop.)

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