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05/26/2007 Archived Entry: "New JPFO movie: "The Gang""

REMEMBER THE STRIKING GRAPHIC FROM JPFO that inspired a blog entry a while back? Aaron Zelman just sent me a couple of copies of it in the form of good-sized 18 x 24 posters. It's even more in-your-face BIG.

The graphic now serves as a promo poster for JPFO's movie The Gang, which has been in production for more than a year and should be be released right about now.

I saw a rough-cut of The Gang and I'm impressed. No, it's not as lively as a Michael Moore anti-gun alleged documentary. But it has the distinct advantage of being factual -- and very revealing. It had facts about the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Tobacco that I didn't know -- and I've been hanging around the gun-rights world for a long time. The Gang is a feature-length film that, in a just world, would blow the evil BATFE right out of our lives. If enough people see and show this film, Congress should be shamed into calling that vicious, anti-Bill-of-Rights gang off our rights and getting its boot off our necks.

Posted by Claire @ 03:41 PM CST

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