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10/09/2005 Archived Entry: "Wally Conger and B.W. Richardson on How to Kill the Job Culture"

WALLY CONGER GIVES MY BOOK How to Kill the Job Culture Before it Kills You the kind of review every writer thrills to get.

I wish Claire Wolfe had written her new motivational how-to book How to Kill the Job Culture Before it Kills You: Living a Life of Autonomy in a Wage-Slave Society sometime during my 16-year servitude to Corporate America. I might have saved myself a few years of the suit-and-tie routine, unproductive business meetings, back-stabbing politics, and daily two-hour roundtrip commutes to downtown L.A. But since I did eventually cut loose from what Claire calls the Job Culture by my own arduous methods, let me say that the advice she offers is top-notch. If you’re now a “wage slave,” this book will save you a lot of time planning your escape.

And Wally's friend B.W. Richardson weighs in with an equally powerful one that reads like a cry from the heart:

I ordered Claire Wolfe's book from Loompanics seven minutes after I learned it existed. That's how ready I was for it.

Late in the book, when she repeated the James Madison assertion that "[t]he class of citizens, who provide at once their own food and their own raiment, may be viewed as the most truly independent and happy," my mind wandered and the vegetable garden I intend to plant next spring gained a brother goal: I started thinking it might be fun to learn how to make my own clothes, and thus provide both my own sweet corn and my own "raiment." All of the potential money-making and money-saving ideas I've ever had, crazy and/or achievable, strolled in and out of my consciousness as I raced through the pages. I can't imagine someone reading this book without his/her mind starting to wander outside the box like that.

Posted by Claire @ 09:43 AM CST

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