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11/30/2005 Archived Entry: "Three pieces to think about"


William Rivers Pitt on the Aegis videos and other apparent horrors of Iraq. NPR also did a moving and revealing story the other day about the honorable, tragic man Pitt mentions, Col. Ted Westhusing. The world lost a rare man when military ethicist Westhusing decided he could no longer be "sullied" by cruelty and corruption.

The wonderful Fred Reed ruminates upon inherent differences between soldiers and reporters. This touches on what I think is a huge, unacknowledged cultural gulf that affects a lot more than the people Reed writes about: those who are loyal to institutions or groups and those whose loyalty is given to principles.

Then Kim du Toit, whose blog has appeared, disappeared, reappeared, and changed in the last several months due to corporate and personal pressures, explains "Why the Change?" Though I disagree with Kim du Toit on a lot of issues, I can identify with his drive to express his life in a more well-rounded way, rather than just with entertainingly angry rants. And bravo, Mr. du Toit, for this:

"I don’t really want to work for a corporation anyway—especially if I’d have to check my nads in at the front desk every morning ..."

(Credit to Rational Review News and Bill St. Clair for the leads.)

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