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06/01/2005 Archived Entry: "Trust serum"

A TRUST SERUM. Now wouldn't the gummint like to get its hands on that!

Scientists have created a “trust” serum that could help in the treatment of autism or phobias but could also be a dangerous weapon in the hands of confidence tricksters.

Research in Switzerland has revealed that sniffing a hormone called oxytocin makes people more likely to trust others, raising alarming implications for the manipulation of an emotion critical to social and economic relationships.

Oxytocin might be abused as a “trust serum” that could be sprayed over crowds at political rallies, piped into a casino or business meeting, or exploited as an aphrodisiac to persuade a romantic target to drop his, or her, guard.

Don' t worry, though. The effects are short-term. They'll wear off shortly after you've handed over all your cash, helped create a smiling scene for the media, or pulled your level for that clean, wholesome politician.

Posted by Claire @ 09:13 PM CST

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