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07/05/2007 Archived Entry: ""If I'm wrong I'm right ...""

THE MIND IS SUCH A STRANGE BEAST. The last week or so, I've been wrestling with decisions. On one side, I can make a practical, pragmatic choice. On another, a choice that seems like sheer, blind, mindless folly. But no matter how much my head orders, "Be sensible!," my inner voice urges, "Go for it. Damn caution. Damn the consequences. Life will provide."

I hung suspended in indecision. Then yesterday morning, Independence Day, I became conscious of a lyric that had been going mindlessly through my mind all week. It's a snippet of an old Beatles song, which my unconscious custom-distorted for its own purposes:

And it really doesn't matter if I'm wrong
or right.
If I'm wrong I'm right
Where I belong.

Lennon and McCartney might not have approved of the rewrite. But my mind got its message across: "Even if you screw up, this is a screw up you need to make right now. The worst that will happen is that it will lead you to somewhere else you need to go."

Hope you enjoyed yesterday's fireworks. The U.S.A. may have little freedom left to celebrate, but we Outlaws can still light up the sky.

Posted by Claire @ 03:30 PM CST

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