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02/25/2005 Archived Entry: "Felony arrest for zombie attack"


Jack21221 put this on TCF today. But it's so insane it deserves wider circulation. Pick up your phone and save this poor kid from felony "terrorism" charges. And from the clutches of idiots, as well:


Student writes short stories.
Student writes one about a high school being overrun by zombies.
Grandmother finds said short story.
Grandmother calls the cops.
Cops label student a terrorist, and lock him up with a 1000 dollar bail.
Judge raises bail to 5000 due to the "seriousness of the crime"

Chief of Police W.M.Jackson II
Phone: 1-859-745-7400
Fax: 1-859-745-7404

Never say that it isn't possible for school administrators or police to get any stranger than they already are.

Posted by Claire @ 01:09 PM CST

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