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06/22/2004 Archived Entry: "Interview with Pacifica Radio (Radio Alchymy)"

IN 45 MINUTES I HAVE TO DO AN INTERVIEW with Pacifica Radio in Los Angeles. Of all things. Pacifica is the mini-network that makes NPR look like Limbaugh dittoheads. But I've talked to the show host, Eben Ray, and she's cool. Pro-gun. Alert to freedom issues. The interview will actually air in the deep middle of some night (I'm not sure which night), between 2-4:00 a.m.. That must be when Pacifica thinks its safe to unlock the doors to the "right wing" of the asylum. Middle of the night. I can tell myself nobody will listen. That's the way I get through interviews -- by assuring myself there's not a single person other than the host and me paying any attention.

I can't believe I promised my editor I'll do more interviews over the next two months. Psyching myself up now. Use those nerves to generate Energy ...

Posted by Claire @ 04:19 PM CST

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