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04/28/2005 Archived Entry: ""Reclaiming Our Radicalism""

WALLY CONGER: "RECLAIMING OUR RADICALISM" Wally riffs on Murray Rothbard's freedom-defining essay, "Do You Hate the State?"

"Hate" isn't fashionable, these days. (Which means, presumably, that the fedgov is slaughtering innocent Iraqis and locking up millions of hapless dopers and gun owners without a shred of ill feeling.) But Rothbard said that the real dividing line between conservative and radical libertarians was whether or not they truly hated the state -- not whether they wanted government to be a little (or a lot) smaller, or whether they wanted this or that program reduced, but whether they tolerated the state or loathed it and wanted nothing to do with it.

Hate may not be fashionable. But it's the most reasonable, gut-level response when you encounter an entity engaged in ruthless, relentless destruction of millions of lives.

Posted by Claire @ 06:12 PM CST

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