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06/21/2007 Archived Entry: "Earning a living"

I WAS THINKING THIS MORNING ABOUT THE PHRASE "earning a living." Did it ever occur to you what a dismally awful expression that is? Why should anyone have to earn a living? A living just is. One might need to earn a car, a roof over one's head, honors, treats, luxuries, or respect. But earning a living? Now, that's a twisted concept. It implies we're born without even an intrinsic right to be.

I don't usually fall into the "let's dis all the Dead White Males" camp. But I'll bet you anything that phrase was concocted by some iron-rod, Protestant-ethic, servant of the British upper-crust, sneerer at the little people, advocate for the necessity for other people to labor hard from dusk to dawn. You know, for their own moral well-being and all that.

Posted by Claire @ 03:16 PM CST

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