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06/23/2007 Archived Entry: "Real ID rebellion leads to new push for biometric SS cards"

WITH STATES IN FULL REBELLION AGAINST REAL ID, DC parasites politicians, including our old friend Sen. Charles Schumer are pushing once again for biometric SS cards. And with each new introduction, the idea gets a little more intrusive, a little scarier.

Sigh, if we won't let 'em in the front door, they'll sneak around the back, so determined are they to control, control, control us. The linked alert comes from DownsizeDC.org, a wonderful group whose heart is in the right place (right next to Ron Paul's heart, I'd say). But it breaks my heart to see their hopes of accomplishing so much within a system that was simply not designed for it.

Vote away its own power on such a vast scale? Show me a government that ever did ...

Posted by Claire @ 01:34 PM CST

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