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06/23/2007 Archived Entry: "Nifong's fall not a sign of justice working"

DUKE WATCHERS WERE GLAD TO SEE MIKE NIFONG FALL. Yay, hooray! A prosecutor with a halo that glowed from coast to coast is discovered to be bad-egg rotten and -- boom! Out he goes on his arse. But as Slate points out, this was a "One-Off Offing" and not a sign that the justice system works against over-zealous government flunkies.

Picture a world in which every prosecutor more interested in conviction stats than in justice were bounced out of office and disbarred. By golly ... that would almost be a free world, wouldn't it? Can't have that.

(Thank you to D. McC. for the link.)

Posted by Claire @ 01:39 PM CST

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