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03/30/2005 Archived Entry: "Snapshield -- new telephone security company"

MJR SENDS WORD ABOUT SNAPSHIELD, a new telephone security company. Through your phone service provider, Snapshield aims to offer secure voice lines (just as Internet cos now offer secure data lines). No more need to have an expensive, clunky encryption device on each end of every communication.

They tout their SNAP product as wiretap-proof. If I understand correctly, they mean that the copper lines between you and the phone company could still be physically tapped in the old-fashioned way, or your conversations could be monitored in your home through other e-means. But that once your voice communications are on the phone network, they're private.

If it works, this would mean no Echelon snooping. No casual, "let's flip a CALEA switch and see what Jane Activist or John Guncollector is talking about today."

I'm not in a position to analyse this technology. Also, it appears Snapshield is barely getting started (though possibly with some heavy backing). So take this FWIW as an interesting development. My question is, would the feds tolerate your phone company offering SNAP as an option? And if so, could the technology still be subverted? I dunno. Only asking.

Posted by Claire @ 08:53 AM CST

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