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11/29/2006 Archived Entry: "Encouraging signs against the paramilitary police state"

ENCOURAGING SIGNS. The other day the Christian Science Monitor ran an article correctly (but perhaps too naively) questioning the casual use of military tactics in law enforcement. We can now be even more sure this long-overdue question has hit the mainstream. Popular Mechanics takes it on in a much stronger article written by Glenn Harlan Reynolds.

The two most important voices against paramilitary outrages -- criminologist Peter Kraska and blogger Radley Balko -- are finally being heard by somebody other than colleagues and frustrated libertarians.

Let's hope it's not too little/too late or just another passing media mention. The Kathryn Johnston outrage ought to (in a better world) become the "Rosa Parks on the bus" moment that ends not only SWAT overkill, but many other evils of the evil drug war, as well. It has it all -- no-knock raid, lying informant, innocent victim, total overkill -- and all in the excuse of combatting completely non-violent "crime."

Posted by Claire @ 08:43 AM CST

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