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05/31/2004 Archived Entry: "Cameras embedded in road dots"

DAMN THAT THIS STUFF KEEPS SNEAKING UP ON US. PH sends word that illuminated road dots -- you know, those little "cats eyes" along the lane dividers that help guide you through dark, foggy, or rainy road conditions -- are are now being made with high-res digital cameras in them. Not only that, but these spy dots have already been in use for three years. Their maker says these "intelligent road studs" are capable of catching speeders, catching "criminals and terrorists," and even reporting to the cops if you have bald tires.

They seem to have some valid and promising safety uses. But along with control systems like this one reported by Unstructuredreality today on TCF, their adoption bodes ill for those who still believe in our quaint old right to travel.

Posted by Claire @ 10:14 AM CST

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