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08/06/2006 Archived Entry: "The deterioration of GWB"

THE DETERIORATION OF GWB. Slick as it is (and considering who produced it), this 4:31 video might be paid Dem. propaganda. But that doesn't stop it from being scary.

OTOH, I can think of a number of things besides early dementia that could turn a reasonably articulate man into the famous mumbling foot-in-mouth babbler that GWB has become: drink, drugs, chronic overwork, lack of sleep, boredom to the point of ennui, etc. Of course, none of them are exactly healthy signs for the man with the proverbial finger on the big, red button.

Scarier still: Nobody cares. His dad was a famous babbler, too. It's pretty certain Ronald Reagan was going senile during his second term in office. Does it bother anybody? Maybe it shouldn't. After all, the job of the presidency is too much responsibility for the sanest man on the planet. A genius with all synapses snapping would still do more harm than good in the position. Are we that much worse off if the man in office has only half a brain?

Mmmm, well maybe in this case, considering who the man is and what he advocates ... yeah. Half a brain, whole brain. Not good.

(Thank you to kto.)

Posted by Claire @ 03:27 PM CST

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