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08/06/2006 Archived Entry: ""You aren't doing enough""

OPPOSITES ALIKE. Two people showed up on TCF. Opposite personalities. Same message: "You aren't doing enough!"

Voided37 staggered in like an outlaw biker up seven days and nights on meth, spewing rage and misspellings. Republicae entered with an armload of carefully composed Pronouncements, bestowing Wisdom upon us in a series of Erudite Postings -- seeming not to notice that he was thrusting kindergarten-level freedom information at veterans of the college seminar.

Both claimed to have The Answer. For V37, it was (I paraphrase), "It's time to shoot the bastards. Anybody who says it isn't is a *&^%$#ing slave." For Republicae it was, "Millions of people must get behind my plan of resistance. Anybody who isn't with me is interrupting me."

Imagine these two in a room together. Yikes. With each being a "my way or the highway" guy the ... er, discussion could get a tad vigorous. But without doubt they'd agree on that one thing: "The rest of you aren't doing enough." Then they could tear each other to shreds over whether the "do-ing" should consist of mass murder or a mass movement.

Unfortunately, they're right, down at the core. Even we doers aren't "doing enough" by definition because freedom's dying out from under us. We may be doing all we can. We may be doing great things. But of course it's "not enough."

Not yet.

If Voided37 wants to start potting IRS agents, ATF jackbooterie, or even the new, more obnoxious breed of census takers (arriving with their GPS units and threats of enormous fines and imprisonment), more power to him. I wouldn't do it. Wouldn't say anybody should do it -- yet. But wouldn't mourn the varmints, either. (And it would be interesting, for once, to see one of these "we must shoot the bastards!" types actually turn out to be a man of his word rather than a poseur.) Or how about V37, masked leader of the resistance, turning up on CNN? Kewl.

If Republicae, despite his inability to persuade TCFers, has the persuasive power to talk millions of employees and employers into overtly defying the IRS ... good on him.

Doubt any of that is going to happen, though. And of course in their eyes it won't be because they lacked courage or persuasive power. Or because freedom doesn't have big enough numbers. Or because the time isn't ripe. It'll be the fault of all those other people. You know. Us. The do-nothings. The obstructionists. The ones who failed by not leading them where they wanted to follow.

Our day is coming. Sooner than even the paranoids among us may expect. Mega-government is destroying itself from within, and our job is to prepare, survive, resist, live free despite the bastards, and when the time comes push the paradigm. Meantime, it's hard to say who'll drive ya crazier, your enemies or your friends.

Posted by Claire @ 11:51 AM CST

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