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04/26/2004 Archived Entry: "SSN-less woman fighting ticket for no drivers license"

"COUPLE SUFFERS SETBACK OVER SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER." This article has already gotten around a lot this morning. A woman who believes that the social security number has become the Mark of the Beast let her driver's license expire because the DMV refused to renew the license without an SSN. Caught for speeding, she was then fined for having no license. She and her husband are now fighting that fine in the courts as a religious liberties issue. Good for them and good luck to her.

But it's probable she could have gotten that license if she'd pressed the issue hard enough. Most states accept notarized affidavits from people who state that they don't have an SSN. And some even print those affidavits on their DMV Web sites. They do it precisely because they fear being sued on religious discrimination grounds. But you don't have to declare any religious affiliation to use the affidavits.

'Course, you could always convert to Western Sect Freedonianism like I did.

Posted by Claire @ 12:41 PM CST

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