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10/20/2005 Archived Entry: "The blogging blank"

SORRY I HAVEN'T BLOGGED MUCH THIS WEEK. I've been pondering that new "advisory" by Liz Michael that got so much attention earlier this week. I'm considering how and why I no longer work up many good rants like that. (It's not merely that I fear being hauled off in the government's tender embrace. Life and human motives are very complex.)

When I'm pondering Deep Thoughts I'm not too good at dealing with little thoughts. If I eventually blog something on Michael & me, it'll probably make up for the lack of recent quantity.

But more than pondering, I've been working this month on another secret RebelFire-related project. No, not a sequel. Sorry. We're a long way from that -- unless some arts patron wants to come up with a few k to fund RebelFire: Into the Light. The current thing is a long-shot project that might never go further than my own computer.

But if it does, it might be really cool. :-)

Yesterday, with some concepting from Aaron Zelman, I also drafted lyrics to a new RebelFire song.

And there, I'm afraid, I'll have to leave you. Aaron, I suspect, would rather I didn't say even as much as I just did.

Posted by Claire @ 12:45 PM CST

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