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10/31/2005 Archived Entry: "RebelFire #3 on LewRockwell.com bestseller list/general stuff"

REBELFIRE IS #3 on the LewRockwell.com bestseller list. :-) And here I've unfairly assumed that those respectable folk over there took no notice of the likes of me.

Jeffersoniantoo posted the news on TCF this morning. Sorry for not responding over there, but I've been in a forced absence from TCF for much of the last month. My once-excellent privacy proxy has been almost non-functional, and I don't post to public or commercial sites without being proxified. (Cotse.net says the Xtreme slowness affecting me has nothing to do with their proxy, but must come from a routing problem; if I could ever master setting up SSH tunneling, they assure me the problems would magically disappear. But SSH tunneling is, at the moment, beyond me in both available time and skill. Nor have I had time to hunt up a substitute proxy service.)

Speaking of time, gotta get to work. Deadlines on top of deadlines! But real quick I thought I'd share the best of the morning's commentary:

Why are government criminals never charged with their most serious crimes? Good question.

On being poor. Damn straight, lady. Lack of money in no way excuses being dirty, ignorant, whiny, or criminal. (Thanks to Stolid for the posting.)

Why political chaos and collapse in DC is good news.

And confirmation from an uber-mainstream source that the whole damn trolley is careening off its tracks. (Thank you, AZ.)

Posted by Claire @ 08:59 AM CST

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