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10/31/2005 Archived Entry: "Alito nominated"

WHEN I READ THAT SAMUEL ALITO is the newest Supreme Court nominee my first thought was, "Thank heaven it isn't Gonzales."

I've just been dreading -- dreading! -- that Bush would nominate Alberto the Torturer.

I suppose if the court survived "justices" who decreed that runaway slaves should be returned to their owners, it could survive a man who writes elaborate legal justifications for torture. But still, nominating such a man would have been one step too low. Instead, I await the day when men like Gonzales -- and his employers -- are dragged before a court of real justice to pay for their war crimes. Thank heaven we haven't -- yet -- fallen to Gonzales' level of "justice."

Alito sounds at least tolerable and in some ways supportive of liberty.

Posted by Claire @ 09:07 AM CST

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