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08/01/2006 Archived Entry: "Those tech-geniuses in Congress are at it again"

THOSE BRILLIANT TECH-GENIUSES IN THE U.S. HOUSE are at it again. This time -- although they seem blissfully unaware of it -- their mission is to prevent children from accessing such notoriously scandalous pedophile hangouts as Amazon.com and Slashdot. In other words, any online site that enables users to create publicly available profiles. The bill is called DOPA ... a name that just screams for some obvious plays on words. I'm sure you can think of a few.

Observes Adam Frucci:

The broad scope of the bill isn't the only down side: as Ars Technica perceptively points out, the act could force kids to hide their MySpace use, keeping parents and teachers at even more of a distance from kids' online activities. Unfortunately for the millions of rational, intelligent kids out there who use social networking sites to keep in touch with friends rather than meet a 34-year-old suitor, the government is unable to force parents to be involved with their kids' lives and talk to them about their Internet use. This is what we get instead. God bless America.

(Thanks once again to SJ.)

Posted by Claire @ 02:23 PM CST

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