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08/01/2006 Archived Entry: "Front Sight certificate auctions for the Celata family"

AND THAT'S NOT ALL! ... Thanks to the generosity of donor Chris Hodges, we now have two Front Sight course certificates to auction for the Celata family.

One is here

The other is right here.

These are four-day certificates. One person can use a certificate to take a four-day class. Two people can share a certificate to take the same two-day class. Or ... you could buy both certificates. Then two of you could take four-day classes. Whoohoo. What possibilities, eh? Then, since Front Sight is near Las Vegas, you could play all night and have dinner at the Aladdin's all-you-can-eat Spice Market buffet. Mmmmmmmmm, those incredible desserts ...

Ahem. Back to business. See listings for restrictions and details.

Posted by Claire @ 05:51 PM CST

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