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07/20/2006 Archived Entry: "Bovard on "conservative" state worship"

IT'S NO SURPRISE THAT "CONSERVATIVES" WORSHIP THE STATE. Even back in the Cold War days it was pretty obvious many of them longed to set up a rights-free military zone in the name of "anticommunism." GWB's "protecting freedom" by destroying freedom isn't that much different. Still, at least in those days they still had enough chutzpah to oppose the welfare state. And those old-timers wouldn't have been so crazy about living on credit. (What would they have thought of their political descendents spending like FDR on a bender?)

But maybe there's hope. As Jim Bovard shows desperate "conservatives" are getting extremely nasty now. Confident people don't feel a need to demand the heads (and various other body parts) of anyone who disagrees with them. Maybe the seeming possession of the entire "conservative" wing by the malign spirit of Coulter is a sign they unconsciously recognize their own moral and mental bankruptcy?

And then there's this consideration, of course:

National Journal recently revealed that the Bush administration is continuing to pursue Total Information Awareness, even though Congress compelled the formal abandonment of that program in 2003. The endless threats of treason prosecutions against whistleblowers, reporters, and editors may be a last ditch attempt to prevent Americans from learning about secret presidential orders that would make the NSA wiretapping look like kidsí stuff.

Posted by Claire @ 07:54 AM CST

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