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03/16/2007 Archived Entry: "Joseph Galloway on the U.S. Army scraping bottom"

"A DESPERATE ARMY IS SCRAPING THE BOTTOM." When a former senior military correspondent is moved to write like this, you know our country is scraping the bottom:

All of these costs are being pushed down the line to be borne by our children and grandchildren and their children in the form of burgeoning budget deficits seen and, as yet, unseen.

When is someone, somewhere in this country going to stand up and demand an accounting for all we've lost in a foolish, unjustified and unnecessary war in the wrong place, against the wrong people, at the wrong time - conducted by a president who got every bit of it wrong?

When are we going to cut our incredible losses in Iraq - human, spiritual and monetary - and get back on the road to being a better country and a better people whose leaders believe, as we do, in the U.S. Constitution and habeas corpus and the right to privacy?

Joseph L. Galloway, co-author of We Were Soldiers Once ... and Young, gives the best summation I've read of the true U.S. costs of the Iraq fiasco. He doesn't include (how could he?) the cost to the people of Iraq or the price we'll eventually have to pay for turning America into an object of worldwide loathing. But other than that, he sees it all. Sure would be nice if the Dems in Congress were listening. But that's too much to hope.

Posted by Claire @ 08:25 PM CST

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