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07/14/2003 Archived Entry: "Enemies Foreign and Domestic coming soon"

ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. A sniper opens fire on a crowded football stadium on the first day of the season. The crowd panics and stampedes. A thousand people die ... and the federal government immediately goes not only into gun-banning mode, but into a post-911-type security frenzy that ultimately brings the country FIST (Firearm Inspections Stop Terrorism) checkpoints and brutal demonization of gun owners. The alleged (and quickly deceased) sniper has conveniently used a "military-style assault weapon," and conveniently fits the profile every anti-gunner loves to hate. The loss of freedom looks unstoppable. But is it?

And that's merely the opening of Enemies Foreign and Domestic, the first novel by Matthew Bracken, a self-described "freedom addict." The book is due out the end of this month. You can read a generous selection of excerpts on the Web site and put in your pre-order, as well.

Unlike most freedom-movement novels, this one is loaded with action and populated by characters you'll believe, like, and identify with. Go Matthew! I can't wait to read the whole thing.

Posted by Claire @ 11:13 AM CST

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