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07/13/2003 Archived Entry: "Law enforcers raid farm & kill livestock"


State agents raided a "lobster farm" near this rural northern Nevada town, destroying thousands of Australian redclaw crawfish officials said posed a danger to wildlife in the area.

"It looked like the Army moved in here,"Bob Eddy said Thursday as law enforcement officers destroyed the crawfish on his farm about 165 miles south of Reno."They got a court order."

Officials with the state Department of Wildlife said the crawfish, which Eddy was selling as freshwater lobsters, could endanger native species if they escaped into the wild.

Alert reader J.C. sent this article from the Reno Gazette-Journal and asked for my comment. But what can I say? The danger of foreign, not to mention, aquatic, crawfish escaping into the desert and wiping out native populations of rattlesnakes and scorpions leaves me speechless with horror. Thank god the government was there once again to save us.

Posted by Claire @ 10:31 PM CST

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