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08/10/2005 Archived Entry: "Fly to the moon -- Just $100 million"

WANT TO FLY TO THE MOON? Got a hundred million bux burning a hole in your pocket? Then off you go! Yes, it's the first private, passenger-carrying voyage to Luna. Well, actually around Luna. But who wants to be picky? They're advertising it as a trip to the far side of the moon.

Don't have a hundred milllion to spare just now? Go vicariously ...

(Warning: Big .mpg files!)

SpaceClip_1.mpg (2672k file)
The deployment of the Soyuz tourist-carrying spacecraft solar panels and docking with the ISS

SpaceClip_2.mpg (2156k file)
The rendezvous and docking with the Block DM module

SpaceClip_3.mpg (2156k file)
The trans lunar injection, burning the Block DM motor, and the Soyuz motors to achieve a free return orbit around the moon

SpaceClip_4.mpg (2156k file)
The actual lunar swingby

The Rocket Scientist says it: "It is a pretty cool story, even if they are charging a cool $100M for the ride. Beats the snot out of the Space Shuttle -- a single launch of that lovely white elephant will cost upwards of $400M, it won't go to the moon, and will not carry paying tourists..."

Posted by Claire @ 09:06 AM CST

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