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08/10/2005 Archived Entry: "Seven in the hat worked well in London, bring it to the USA!"

SHOTS TO THE HEAD worked well in London, so the International Association of Chiefs of Police is recommending the same policy in America. Dressed To Kill by attorney John M. Peters in today’s LewRockwell.com has a nice summary. Download the two "training keys" for free: Suicide Bombers Part 1 Suicide Bombers Part 2 Normally the IACP charges for training materials, but this is such a great idea that they are giving them away for free!

A brief perusal of the documents is even more chilling than the picture painted by Mr. Peters. "Officers should be reminded that the law does not require that the threat of death or serious injury be imminent", while shots should be directed "at the tip of the nose when facing the bomber, at the point of the ear canal from the side, or about one inch below the base of the skull from behind."

Becky Akers reminds us in a companion article Bombs Away that the grotesque mishandling of the recent bomb scare on a Southwest Airlines flight was no accident. The IACP recommendations reinforce the notion that assets of the state are more important than the lives of innocent civilians: officers are urged to "block avenues of approach to high-value targets (e.g., state and federal buildings)." Not crowded streets, restaurants, or shopping malls: government buildings.


Yes, there is more. These little 6-page gems are just packed with useful excuses, err, information. Part 1, on page 3 states "No suicide bomber profile exists," but the same document begins with a summary explaining that "Part I covers profiles of suicide bombers" while the entirety of page 5 is devoted to the "Suicide Bomber Profile." Those of us who endure sexual harassment at the airports should contemplate this gem: "No recorded use of cavity bombs (i.e., in the stomach, rectum, or vagina) exists, but this tactic represents a potential threat."

Mr. Peters notes that wearing "heavy" clothing in "warm" weather is now potentially fatal, but the first item in the "Suicide Bomber Profile" is "The wearing of heavy clothing, no matter what the season." Better burn those down jackets! "Long coats or skirts" are also tell-tale signs of a bomber. Other signs that you might need "seven in the hat, London style" are an unusual gait, a fresh shave, bags or backpacks, or a hand in the pocket. My daddy told me not to play "pocket pool," but I never realized the stakes! My daddy also told me to stand up straight and look people in the eye, sure enough, the final item in the profile states that "It seems obvious that anyone who tries to avoid eye contact, ... may be a bomber."

Sadly, this is no time for levity. There are numerous indications that the British police (or were they a newly-established British Army anti-terror special forces unit?) repeatedly violated even these rather loose rules and procedures before brutally murdering an innocent man in cold blood in front of horrified commuters. There is precious little reason to believe that the murderers will be so much as seriously inconvenienced for their crime. Times were that when Boston police shot an unarmed innocent bystander in the face and killed her, they at least were worried enough to lie about it. Under these new guidelines, even that precaution is no longer necessary.

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