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02/10/2006 Archived Entry: "Netflix "Throttling""

DON'T YOU JUST HATE IT WHEN YOU'RE WRONG? For a couple months now, my husband has been bitching about our Netflix subscription. Despite the fact that we're subscribed for 5-at-a-time, we're always waiting on the darn things. I figured it was his weekend movie marathons that were bottlenecking our subscription, but he insisted there was "something" going on.

"What, you think it's a sinister plot? That they're purposely not sending our movies on time?" I asked sarcastically.


Turns out Netflix has a policy of "throttling" high-traffic customers in order to increase their profit margins. If you have a history of watching and turning in your movies quickly, they'll hold off on sending yours out for a day or two...because the more movies you go through in a month, the more postage they pay, and the less profit they make.

Looks like I get crow for dinner.... blush

Posted by Debra @ 04:00 PM CST

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