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08/25/2004 Archived Entry: "Whosarat.com"

WHOSARAT.COM "Largest online database of informants and agents." Tim Osman posted this over at TCF. To browse the database, scroll down and look for the links on the right. One link for informants. One for agents. Unfortunately, there's a shortage of real data or checkable evidence on most of these folks and it looks as if this database would be painfully easy to abuse. Still, it's the Internet small-town at work, doing what it does.

Bureaucrats and congressthings will never end the drug war on their own; there's too much power and money in it for them. We'll end it when the individual agents and snitches get the big lightbulb over the head that the war doesn't benefit them. This is an imperfect start. But the idea is good; hold the doers accountable for their deeds.

Whoohoo, an even better find, Tim, in the Internet small-town department. Prostitutes tracking cops. I love the cop who's so shocked, shocked, shocked that the hookers had his cellphone number. All the data they want on us and they can't handle even that much tit-for-tat? Weenies.

Posted by Claire @ 09:48 AM CST

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