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08/25/2004 Archived Entry: "Elian Gonzalez grab did not violate civil rights"

NOTHING BUT GOOD NEWS ALL WEEK! First we learn that the guns-drawn raid on the high school in Goose Creek, SC didn't violate anybody's rights. Now one of our wise and heroic judges tells us the Elian Gonzalez smash-n-grab was perfectly reasonable.

I am just dancing with relief! Here I was, worried we were living in an incipient police state where overreactions and excessive brutality by cops were becoming the norm. And it turns out I was wrong, wrong, wrong! Thank heaven Comrade Judge has shown me the error of my ways.

I know Comrade Judge will also be very, very happy someday when someone kicks her own door down and drags her innocent little relatives off with machine guns pointing in their faces. Lucky judge. Lucky children. How fortunate to participate in the Amerikan way!

Posted by Claire @ 10:25 PM CST

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