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09/14/2005 Archived Entry: "Warriors Against War"

GI's Against War

Raving Reporter Thunder here.

I've spent time in the Marine Corps and fully understand what is expected of the troops in war time. I understand the amount of sacrifice that is required of them. I understand the loss of life and limb that comes with fighting a war. And that's why I'm against it.

I have a good friend that was sent to Iraq. Other than illness brought on by the drugs they were forced to take (ironically, to prevent illness), he returned home relatively unscathed. He was all gung-ho for the war when he left. Now that he's back home, he's now against it and understands that the only differences between the Vietnam and Iraq Wars are a.) the foliage, and b.) the music was better during Vietnam.

David Zeigler understands, too and he doesn't want the voices of GI's against the illegal war in Vietnam to be forgotten. Thanks to LewRockwell.com for the link.

Posted by Thunder @ 07:47 AM CST

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