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07/20/2004 Archived Entry: "Anthony Hargis in jail"

IS IT CONCEIVABLE THAT IN THIS CONNECTED DAY a long-time freedom activist could be in jail for four months with scarcely a whisper about it on the Internet? Too weird. But that appears to be what's happened to Anthony Hargis, who has operated a private banking service and related businesses for decades in Southern California.

In March, Anthony refused to turn over customer records for an IRS investigation. His life is now "on hold" indefinitely in the Santa Ana Jail -- as long as he continues to refuse to produce the records. And yes, he's steadfastly refusing.

So far I have no outside confirmation of the facts. Only one online publication seems to have mentioned Anthony's arrest. A letter Anthony sent me from jail hints (though it doesn't say outright) that nobody's really even considered starting a PR and fundraising campaign until now; they may simply have been relying on lawyerly efforts. Again, that's only my impression at this point. I'm short on facts. I'm working on learning more and will let you know.

But in the meantime -- four months in jail without a single big, loud Net-alarm being raised! My god, it boggles the mind. Contrast this with Jeff "Hunter" Jordan's story and you really see the value of Net-connected activist friends. And of having a mutual-aid plan either already in place or ready-to-assemble at a moment's notice.

Posted by Claire @ 11:14 AM CST

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