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09/09/2003 Archived Entry: "Alienation (discussion on message board)"

ALIENATION. Ordinary, non-political people are increasingly ticked off at governmental intrusions like red-light cameras, nonsensical environmental regulations, Ritalin-drugged children, stupid airport (in)security, and other "mini-tyrannies" that hit them in a personal way. Question is, is it likely that their increasing alienation will move them toward an understanding and appreciation of freedom in the long run? Or have we become so dumbed down that most people will never see the connection between the injustices they personally suffer and the larger tyrannies that affect us all (and will never perceive the principles at work)?

I've opened a discussion on this, under the subject "Alienation" in the General Discussion forum at The Claire Files/Mental Militia message board. I'd love to hear what bright freedom lovers have to say, because frankly I'm not sure where the evidence points on that question.

Posted by Claire @ 11:26 AM CST

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