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07/29/2003 Archived Entry: "Pentogon gets into "assassination politics" -- in the name of terror prevention"

JUST WHEN YOU THINK DARPA CAN'T COME UP WITH ANYTHING WEIRDER: They create this program to pay anonymous "investors" for successfully predicting assassinations and terrorist attacks.

Hm. Isn't this exactly like the "assassination politics" scheme that got poor Jim Bell into so much trouble? Didn't the feds say that was a plan for encouraging -- and financing -- murder and mayhem?

Oh, yeah. But DARPA's intention is to "prevent terrorism," of course. So it must be okay.

(Later: Ah, well, maybe it wasn't okay after all. One day after DARPA announced the program, they cancelled the program. Between this and the infamous Eye-in-the-Pyramid TIA ... well, maybe they need a new PR agency. OTOH, maybe we're all better off because they don't have a good PR agency.)

Tks SM!

Posted by Claire @ 01:06 PM CST

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