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06/05/2005 Archived Entry: "Wally Conger reviews RebelFire"

WONDERFUL WALLY CONGER has written the first full-length review of RebelFire: Out of the Gray Zone. Wally also joins six others who've given the book five-star reviews on Amazon.com. Thank you, guys!!!!!

A little novel without a traditional distribution channel or a major media push has to struggle to survive and thrive, especially in today's radically changing book market. Ironic thing: more and more books are being published every year. But there are fewer and fewer real, sink-into-a-book readers. People look for how-tos, self-improvement, professional guides, quick trash reads, and trendy novels. Those who take time to explore the unusual, or who take real time to read fiction at all, are increasingly rare birds.

I'm hopeful about RebelFire. Aaron, on the other hand, worries. But we both know it's an uphill battle. So thanks to all who are giving Jeremy's story a push.

BTW, Amazon's got the wrong price listed -- $17.95 is the postpaid price. Should be $13.95 retail We'll get that fixed. But at least they no longer have those ominous words "out of print." In the meantime -- and all the time -- you can buy the book, listen to the music, download stickers and logos, order a very cool tee-shirt, and read the first four chapters at RebelFireRock.com.

(Tks to Mystery Woman for the booksellers' link.)

Posted by Claire @ 07:54 PM CST

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