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02/15/2005 Archived Entry: "The Bug-Out Campout -- New Hardyville column"

ALTHOUGH THUNDER ALREADY BEAT ME TO IT by posting the announcement over at The Claire Files Forums, the new Hardyville column, "The Bug-Out Campout," is now online.

Written more by Bobaloo, Thunder, and Lightning than by me, it tells the story of the cold January campout in which they tested their three-day emergency kits.

When he read the draft, Thunder (goodnaturedly) groused that I hadn't picked on Bobaloo enough. Not until I read the article this morning did I realize indeed I hadn't given equal grief to the co-conspirators. So, Bobaloo, perhaps someday we'll have to tell the full story of the fighting-mouse herd just to even things up.

But really, these guys all did an admirable thing and brought back a lot of lessons about gear and planning that the rest of us won't have to freeze our buns off to learn.

Posted by Claire @ 10:24 AM CST

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