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08/30/2004 Archived Entry: "Thanks for buying from our Amazon.com links"

WOW. I AM REALLY GRATEFUL to you guys for purchasing through the Wolfesblog Amazon.com links. I just checked the quarter-to-date report and you made me smile. In the first year of blogging, Amazon.com links brought a trickle. The last couple of months, not only have people followed and used links to specific books and DVDs, but a few of you have been using the Wolfesblog general Amazon.com link to purchase everything from Apple iPods to football team jackets to power saws.


Most popular items have been Jim Bovard's new book The Bush Betrayal, the DVD series Firefly, and the new Second Amendment novel, The Justice Cooperative. Many more people now seem to be buying items recommended on the Wolfesblog bookstore page, as well.


Sometimes these purchases bring Debra and me a few cents. Sometimes they bring a few dollars. Once in a while, $10 or $20. (Whoever bought that power saw and five copies of Jim's book ... we love ya. :-) The iPod, the DVD player, and the jacket were hot, too. )

Even better: Amazon.com recently started offering a "tiered" payment structure that rewards associates for overall number of items shipped. This means that even the smallest purchase might push us up to the next tier and increase overall earnings by more than the price of the item.

In other words, you're keeping Debra and me in ammo.

A big smooch to you all for buying via specific links you find here at the blog. An even bigger smooch to those of you who so kindly think to enter Amazon.com via a Wolfesblog link any time you shop there. It's a great way to support the blog while not taking one more hard-earned dollar out of your pocket. You'll always find a general Amazon.com link at the top of the sidebar on the left side of the blog, so you don't have to hunt for the link when you've got the urge to shop.


Just a note: We receive NO personal information about people who click through or purchase via our Amazon.com links. So you can buy in assurance that neither Debra nor I will ever find out exactly who it is that has that bizarre fixation on the music of William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy or the strange personal habits of William S. Burroughs.

Posted by Claire @ 11:12 PM CST

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