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09/27/2003 Archived Entry: "The three-day Internetless blues"

LET ME GO ON RECORD THAT I AM POSITIVE MY DOG IS NOT CONSPIRING AGAINST ME.When she jumped on my keyboard and deleted 2,000 e-mail messages a few months ago, I believe sincerely that it was a mere act of doggie exhuberance. Or perhaps she was putting me on notice that corresponding with cat people has a price. But understand: I do not believe she has been conspiring with my enemies, now or at any time in the past.

So you can see, certainly, that I am not paranoid.

BUT ... Two dead laptop computers in the last six months, two Web hosts going blooey, two corruptions of the database at The Claire Files message boards ... not to mention various outages, downages, screwupages, mysterious e-mail disappearances, and general weirdages, cuminating in this week's 60-hour total disappearance of my Internet connection ... all since I began blogging this spring, and ... well, I am beginning to wonder.

I wasn't particularly worried about this week's downage until the ISP told me that everyone else got back online in a few hours and “only a few homes right around your place” were still in the Dead Zone days later. Oh yeah, "and it looks like a hack attack." (Drums of doom here.)

I'm still not paranoid enough to feel paranoid about all this. But that's probably because I'm not as paranoid as I ought to be. One more thing and I'm going to start wondering whose side my dogs are really on.

Posted by Claire @ 04:52 PM CST

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