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09/27/2003 Archived Entry: "Creepy investigative service"

YIKES! We've all heard how easy it is for people to get our private information, but here's an investigation service, Goldshield, that offers to obtain copies of your credit card bills and phone bills, your SSN, and other you-thought-that-was-confidential information to anybody who pays the money. Copies of your bills? With exact details of your calls and your purchases? To any creep with the bucks?

Some of Goldshield's many services are obnoxious, but well-known as do-able (like finding property records or DMV records.) Hard to believe they can get the kind of detail they claim, though -- unless they're bribing somebody at your phone company or bank or hacking into records. I'm going to check into some of their wilder claims. But they are for real. A consumer group recently used their service to purchase a credit report on Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.

Posted by Claire @ 05:08 PM CST

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